The Northern Outer Banks are pristine and unspoiled. From the end of the paved road to the Virginia line, residents, property owners, and visitors enjoy unspoiled nature, wildlife, amazing beaches, and peaceful serenity.


We appreciate your support and will continue to keep you posted in the event of other issues that might come up in the off road area. We are sure that the developers will try again. Your help was tremendous!

Over 1000 people signed the petition -- including 433 tourists, 560 Currituck County property owners and residents (of which 318 residents signed and 140 residents in the off road area)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

VOICES ON CURRITUCK (none of these comments have been edited)

Beauty is fragile.
So many of our precious possessions have just come to pieces in our hands.
We did not intend to break them, but we were clumsy or careless or had our minds on something else, and where there used to be a lovely and singular treasure, there are now only the shattered fragments.[1]

[1] Sir Paul Hasluck, Governor General of Australia. Speaking on the impacts of uncontrolled development on resources, such as the Swan River in Perth, in Australia.
We are over 700 people who were able over the last two weeks to have our voices heard. There are more of us out there who will be contacted and who will join us in opposition to the proposed Commercial Development in the Off Road Area. Jointly we represent tourists to Currituck county, business owners in Currituck County, residents of Currituck County, residents of the Off Road Area, and real estate agencies.

· Instead of destroying what is a very unique characteristic of Currituck County and, indeed, the entire United States, by developing the Four Wheel Drive Area, protect it and the wild horses at all costs. The County is acting short-sighted and greeding by giving in to developers who want to develop the four wheel drive area. Instead of following such a foolish plan, pursue the promotion of that area. It is one of the things that makes the Currituck County Outer Banks unique. It drives visitors from the Southern Outer Banks northward where they spend time and money in the county. It perserves a unique place in history and it a provides a truly rare opporutunity for tourists and residents alike. The county does a horrific job of promoting the wild horses and the four wheel drive area. It can be better promoted and should be to drive tourist dollars to the Currituck Outer Banks. Haven't we had enough of short-sighted greed. Look to the long term and preserve the uniqueness of the Currituck Outer Banks.
· A large proportion of the Outer Banks of North Carolina have been commercially developed, it would be a travesty for the same to happen to the northern four wheel drive beaches of Corolla. It is a unique place for visitors and residents and should remain as it is. Commercial development would detract from the area's appeal. Many people come to the area for the wildlife and horses.
· People choose to live in the off road area BECAUSE OF no commercialization not in spite of it. Tourist vacation in the off road area BECAUSE OF these undisturbed beaches not in spite of them. Once these beaches are commercialized that's it. We've lost something we'll never get back. That very fact that we are one of the few stretches of undeveloped beach along the Atlantic Coast is what makes our area so valuable. The saying less is best directly applies to us. Imagine 25 years from now what a gold mine the four wheel drive will be. All because home/land owners stood up to the greed of off road developement. Simply by honoring this beautiful God given area and restricting further development we can ensure the survival of our horses and our way of life on the off road beaches. There are some things money can't buy. Our off road beaches are priceless. For all of those want to be off road developers, take your mastercards to the already commercialized beaches and use them there !!!!!!
· The value of this part of Currituck County resides in its unique character and the raw beauty of this special part of the world. There is nothing to be gained from commercialization of the Northern Beaches. People are drawn there in part because there is no commercialization. Short term benefits for developers and the County will be far outweighed on the negative effect for the entire area over the long term.
· Not every square inch of the Outer Banks needs to be developed. From first hand experience I can tell you that retaining refuge and green space helps property values more than development, e.g. Sanibel Island 63% in permanent undevelopment. Then there is the horses. If you allow development we have the Corolla problem again. This natural resource must be protected. A planned hotel at Swan Beach only helps the developer.
· Carova was voted one of the 10 best beaches in America several years back. Don't overdevelop the area. Your decision will last forever - and the charm will be lost for the almighty dollar. When we purchased in Carova, we knew the lack of convenience to amenities - and we still purchased. Currituck will continue to make money without developing that beach. It's the real estate companies that want the money. Why does the county feel they owe the real estate companies and developers so much attention?
· Much of the northern outer banks has been spoiled by poorly planned development and the influence of developers has gotten out of control. This area is not off limits to human settlement, it is a great pattern of low-impact development that is quite compatible with the local wildlife and compliments the False Cape State Park located in Virginia to the north. Preserve this last settled rural outpost of the outer banks.
· Having visited many coastal areas throughout the world, it was wonderfully surprising to find such an undisturbed, unique place. Allowing any commercial development will negatively affect the landscape, the environment, and hence the value of this unique place.
· I have seen other areas that were once pristine ruined when they opened the door to commercial development -- when the development was to be limited -- but over the years this has grown relentlessly. The results being population and building densities that negatively affect water tables, quality of life and ultijmately the quality of tourism because you cheapen the area. It becomes undifferentiated and highly competitive commercial market that leads to low cost drivers and motivators.Look at cancun that went from $300 a night in the 1980s to $80 a night now. And in the 1980s you could not get a room unless you book 6 months in advance. Now the occupancy is only 50%.
· Do and you ruin it.
· I live in WV and the main reason I come to the Outer Banks which is 6hrs away vs. Ocean City, MD which is 3.5hrs away is to go to the 4wd beaches! It's seclusion and lack of commercial development is the major draw. I love the serenity and the wild horses that run freely in the area. It would be a sin to ruin one of the country's only true 4wd beaches and it's wildlife for just some more commercialization!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
· With all the issues of the beach and driving safety, commercial property (especially high density apartments) will create more of a problem for the residents and tourists in the four wheel drive area. The four wheel drive area should remain residential only to blend with the state and federal parks. Why put a mini-mall beside a federal park? Why ruin one of the last beautiful residential areas in Currituck County? Why take away the reason that tourists visit the four wheel drive area to benefit only a few developers. The impacts on the community and residents will be negative, property values will decline, water drainage will be a major issue for the community, water tables will decrease and access to water will decline, too much sewage in a concentrated area will endanger the public health, the large density of people possible with a 50 room inn and apartments is not in keeping with the area, traffic to commercial stores will be dangerous for the general population and tourists, damage to the beach will be inevitable from large vehicles frequently servicing the inn, restaurant and stores. NCDOT requirements will require that all roads TO the property will have to be NCDOT. Who will pay for that? The residents? Who benefits -- only the developer.
· Our beaches and surrounding areas will no longer be pristine if more masses of people keep coming in. The influx of tourists and day trippers have flooded the 4WD area more than ever before this past summer. If they commercialize the Northern beaches.....our beautiful area will not be enjoyable anymore. I'm heartsick at what is happening to this area. I can remember 40 years ago, standing on Penny Hill, looking at the surrounding landscape that God had created.....nothing but Sand Dunes and Sea Gulls as far as the eye could see. Now all you see is roof tops and traffic. I know we can't stand in the way of progress. All we can do is remember when it was beautiful. God save our beaches.
· I have been to the outer banks nearly every year since 1974. My uncle built one if the first houses in Sanderling. I no longer have any desire to stay south of the roads end because of the increasing commercial activity. Swan, Carova and the other neighboring areas are a safe haven for me and 4 generations of my family. If this becomes commercial, we will simply go somewhere else. You will end 30+ years of vacations for our family in NC. We will spend our time and $$$ (add it up over 30 years) somewhere else.
· I find it odd that people move/visit Carova Beach because of it's pristine nature and then find it necessary to build a 7-11 on every corner. If they want development they should try Corolla (it used to be like Carova-look at it now!) or better yet, I would be glad to help them move to Virginia Beach where they could have all the paved roads, stores & hotels they want! It's not always about the DOLLAR! Maybe some controlled growth as in other coastal communities is the way to go.
· Bringing commercial to this area will do nothing but drive away the very people who come here to begin with!
· Commercial development is not the answer! Look around the eastern seaboard and recognize the marketing niche you have! DO NOT RUIN IT WILL COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT! We will never ever come back again if there is commercial there. Nor will our friends in Ohio and Washington DC.
· There are not too many unique places in the world left. Why would you ruin such a treasure?
· Having visited many coastal areas throughout the world, it was wonderfully surprising to find such an undisturbed, unique place. Allowing any commercial development will negatively affect the landscape, the environment, and hence the value of this unique place
· I have seen other areas that were once pristine ruined when they opened the door to commercial development -- when the development was to be limited -- but over the years this has grown relentlessly. The results being population and building densities that negatively affect water tables, quality of life and ultijmately the quality of tourism because you cheapen the area. It becomes undifferentiated and highly competitive commercial market that leads to low cost drivers and motivators.Look at cancun that went from $300 a night in the 1980s to $80 a night now. And in the 1980s you could not get a room unless you book 6 months in advance. Now the occupancy is only 50%. Do and you ruin it.
· It is truely one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited and the most relaxing vacation I've ever experienced. There are so few natural beaches like this left. Any commercial development would cause a heartbreaking loss to the people (both visitors and owners) and be devistating to the wildlife. This part of the Outer Banks is a very special place which should not be disrupted. Many folks travel from all over the East to escape their busy lives and enjoy tranquillity here. PLEASE preserve this treasure!
· It will totally change the character of the beach, and the Northern Outer Bank Beaches will no longer be unique - who would want to drive this far to be at "just any old ordinary beach" Please don't let the Four Wheel Drive Area be commercially developed, I think all wiil be sorry if that happens. Thank you.
· This area and the animals contained in them are a precious resource that should not be squandered by over development. Our entire family recently spent a week in this section of the outer banks. We came from five different states and most traveled over 1,200 miles to see this beautiful landscape. We have already planned another trip for next year. If this area or the horses are lost, we will not return to the Outer Banks. Instead, we will choose from one of the other 1,000 over commercialized beaches all over the United States.
· What makes our area unique is that we dont have commercial development. This is the last unspoiled place on the east coast, dont destroy something unique just for shops. If you want to shop or go to the post office, drive the extra 5 miles and go to them in Corolla. Corolla wants the shops and tourism, we like our community how it is!
· Any change in the UDO allowing for an increase in the intesity of use in the 4WD area will forever change the character of this area. Change carrries with it the potential to make this area a fiscal liability for the county due to increased services which will be required. Sound economic development policy begs for the county to allow this area to become more value because it is different, and look for ways to enhance the differences. To change the UDO to please one commercial interest would be a travesty. Even though Mr. Friedman is sponsoring this proposal, the Twiddy group is the first and primary benefactor. The 4wd area is the last frontier for business growth for the Twiddy companies. All of their proposals, (Zoning, and road improvements) would enhance their business, and make it easier and more profitable for them to do and grow their business in the area. But at what cost? Please look at a permit system as an econmoic development tool. Please look at revising the UDO and Land Use plan to ensure that this area forever remains a haven for the waterfowl and wildlife that defines Currituck County as a desirable place to live and visit. Sometimes change is just not good. This is defintely one of those times.
· please leave our beach alone. have yall not see what can happen look at corolla it is a nightmare to get around in the summer. we have allready got more than enuff tourists completely messing up the beach and the way of life that all of us property onwers have enjoyed in the previous years. if you want supplys go to food lion, ace hardware, harris teeter or any of the thousand other stores allready on the currituck outer banks. we do not need or do we want any stores in the 4x4 area. thank you
· I live in Virginia Beach and visit Corolla several times a year to get away from tourist and hotels. Where I live has been ruined and there is no turning back. I truly hope and pray that you do not ruin the natural beauty of your county by allowing hotels and urban sprawl. Who will fight for the piping plover, sea turtles, and the wild horses???? I guess it will have to be me. By the way, I have never seen any of the wild horses while visiting there. I suppose it is due to the fact that I am not willing to pay someone to drive me around and tear up the beach. I prefer to hike it. Have a good day.
· Some of us have had to wait the greater part of our lifetime's to find the beauty of the outer banks and be able to visit this beautiful land. When we visited there last year, we fell in love with this area and the Corolla Wild Horses. We're very grateful that it's beauty and serenity have been preserved. I've told many people of how pristine this part of the outer banks was when we were there and they can hardly imagine it. Do you realize how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to save this beauty? Please save this beautiful area from commercial development and the mess that goes with it. Please do the right thing. Thank you for your consideration, Sheron Landry
· The way the 4x4 Northern Beaches are right now with the wild horses running free are why we visit, the peaceful, private and natural enviroment. If the 4x4 beaches were set up for commercial why would anyone to visit anymore?? Why can't everyone leave well-enough alone!
· I would not even venture into North Carolina for my vacation if it wasn't for the wonderful solitude of Carvoa Beach! I have not found another place in the USA that brings me such peace. To allow commercialization of this natural area would be a sin.
· Leave the unspoiled beaches and Wild Horses of North Carolina alone! If everyone wanted to visit a commercial area for vacation, we would all go to New York City! It is such a shame that people from out of state are too interested in making money, and ignore the natural beauty that is FREE! What good is the money if you don't have anything to enjoy? Do Not commercialize the northern beaches of North Carolina! We have ruined enough of them already!
· My family has been vacationing in Corolla for the past 7 years. It is an annual tradition to take at least 3 day trips to the 4x4 area to see the vast beach, wild plants, wildlife, and especially the spanish horses. I am sickened and dismayed that Currituck Commissioners would even entertain an idea of permitted any type of commercialization in this area! We have purposely chosen North Carolina beaches, and in particular the Currituck County beaches because they do not look anything like the New Jersey, Deleware, and Maryland beaches! If any of the commissioners have not visited those beaches, I suggest they take a trip during the summer months! You can barely walk on the beaches! And when you finally do find a spot to put your blanket, you may not even see the water! In addition, your "neighbors" are only inches away! I would be thoroughly disgusted to see the Currituck Beaches turn into these beaches. And commercialization, and the eventual road that will follow will begin the slow and painful decline of those beautiful beaches. And I haven't even begun to mention the horses! PLEASE visit those aforementioned beaches! If you are able to see any wild spanish horses there that are like your horses in the Currituck 4x4 area, please let me know. I will gladly take my money that I spend in your state and your county to those beaches! Even in the last seven years, I have been seeing a difference in the amount of traffic on the beach road. People are coming to see your beaches, but do they value what they are seeing? I wonder how plopping commercial properties on top of all this will change your wonderful beaches? I don't know. But what I do know is that if that happens, sadly our family will not be able to continue our family tradition to the top of the Currituck Lighthouse, trips to 4x4 beaches, trips to Manteo, strolls by the Whalehead Club and more. I suppose we'll have to find another county that values it's natural resources and uniqueness. Please uphold the Land Use Plan and UDO which clearly restricts the commercial developement.
· We should not have to continue to fight to preserve Currituck County's beautiful beaches. The commissioners should want this, too. The tourist dollars you will gain from this "commercial" venture will not exceed the tourist attraction you have from people who come to the beach to see the horses, wildlife and beautiful beaches. Why not "control" the current traffic by ceasing all of the beach tours and purchasing 4x4 vehicles with County employees conducting the tours. You must also limit the day trippers. That way the County will make even money. The 4x4 area could become an extended Corolla as you apparently want without ruining what you have. Everytime I hear the song "they paved paradise and put in a parking lot" I think of our beautiful beach that apparently everyone but us wants to destroy.
· The Banks are being destroyed by overgrowth and too much traffic on our beaches as it is. Why would you want to add to that ? Yes I know, the almighty dollar is at the root of all of this and not the good of all the the people who want to perserve this little strip of fragile land. It is just to benefit a few greedy people who do not really care about anything their pocketbooks . That is the only thing they value, what a sad life .
· It is the ONLY place left for the locals to get away. The rest of the outer banks has been built for tourist, Leave us this one small area ! If you take this from us, where will us locals take our familys for a weekend trip when we can't go to any of our own beaches anymore.
· A large, lightly developed, rural residential area is a rarity on the East Coast. Currituck County should protect this unique asset and avoid the sprawl that exists along much of the US Atlantic shoreline.
· My parents are property owners in the 4x4 area in North Swan. I am 18 years old and have been vacationing on a regular basis to this area for almost ten years. In the past years beach traffic has increased and the southern area of the 4x4 beach has become a lot more corwded. This is a danger to tourists, residents and even the horses. This new commercial zoning plan would only increase beach traffic even more as well as add to crowding on the northern areas of the beach. Also, as a surfer the 4x4 beaches are an area where I can go to escape the crowded summer line ups of nearly every other east coast beach. Coming to swan beach is a safe haven for surfers because there is rarely ever any danger posed by crowded waters. This new plan would undoubtedly crowd the shorelines which would in turn create problems between surfers and those in the water.
· I am a registered voter in Currituck County. Commercialization of the Currituck Off-Road would be the beginning of the end to this unique area, a uniqueness that draws tourists and that stands out against hundreds of beaches on the Atlantic seaboard. The UDO was written with certain restrictions for a good reason, among which is to protect the fragile environemnt and retain the rural beach character of the Northern Currituck Off Road Beaches. NO to commercialization of this very special place.
· I just returned from visiting Carova beach and I was stunned by the amount of development there since my last trip. It is starting to look like the NJ shore. The horses are already being disturbed by constant jeep, blue bus and silver van tours. More development would only increase the impact on what makes the area worth visiting in the first place.
· FYI, there is already an historic distric present. It is the natural area that is historic, not some cheap construction material shipped in from China! The historic area is a joke, just some greedy builder trying to develop the last pristine section of beach in OBX. If the current economic times are any lesson, we need to get back to basic's, and build homes that are environmentaly friendly and appropriate fot Swan. These "Mega Mansion's" are ugly hotels put up by money hungry developers who care nothing about our natural area. Have we learned nothing from the current economic situation of greed in this country? Wake up people. "Save Swan Beach". Peace....
· This proposal, and its predecessor, fly in the face of reason. It is folly to pursue plans which are in contradiction to the voices of the Planning and Zoning Departments, in violation of the recently adopted Land Use Plan, in opposition to the will of the people who live and/or own property there, ignore the recent CAMA flood maps, and destroy state, national and county stewardship of a unique area so keenly important to nature and wildlife.
· I live and work in corolla during summer months. The reason we bought there was because of the quiet. I live on the corner of hilltop and albatros. right beside the proposed overlay. We have enough commercial areas in corolla. Build another fire station for swan if something usefull must be built.
· This is one of last frontiers of the USA. Have we done enough dammage through out the rest of the country?
· My wife and I bought property in Carova because we enjoyed the wildlife and wild horses roaming free and enjoy spending time there to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the week. We support reponsible residential development but do not want to see the things that make Carova unique from any beach in the country slowly go away.
· To begin commercial development in the Carova, Swan and North Swan Beach and Sea Gull areas will eventually require paved roads and other such amenities not already part of the area. These additions to the landscape will greatly change the area that property owners and guests frequent for one main reason, the rustic nature of the environment. Furthermore, such commercial development will only increase traffic and the tourist population which is one of the main issues facing everyone buying or renting in the area.
· This is one of the very few natural areas. We live here and vacation here because of it's simplicity. There are plenty of places to build commercial buildings. Please leave our beaches alone.
· There is no other place like this in the USA, open beaches, wild horses, and freedom from the rest of the world. Why would we want to make this LIKE every other place in the USA?! If people want hotels, neighbors who are too close to each other yet don't know one and other, and a bunch of tourists clammering for a spot on the beach they can go to NJ or Florida! Keep these type of people away from my beach!
· It's a crime that I pay over $ 6000 a year in taxes to Currituck County and I have to find out about this vote from concerned citizens instead of from the county government by some sort of mail notification. Seems they are always trying to slip things through!!
· My husband and I have only lived in Currituck County for 15 months, but we feel a part of this beautiful area and we are opposed to any commercial zoning in the RO2.
· I am against any commercial development in the off road beach area. I also believe that public beach access to the off road should be a daily pay for the access situation.
· Do not destroy the only part of Currituck County unlike any other place in the world. This is what makes us special from the other beaches. Please there is no turning back once you have made this mistake. Preserve our beach.
· We are suppose to be a single family dwelling community and the corporations an private sectors have been building all these multiple family rentals, which was not suppose to be. We do not need any commercial development for the renter's. They can stop in Corolla before they go north on the beach or later for the day. It is only a nine(9 to 12)to twelve mile drive. We've been doing it for years. So say no to the proposed rezoning. Thanking you, Jacquie Wedeman
· I am a regular visitor to this area and the proposal would have a serious and adverse impact on an area that is unique but very fragile. Don't compromise this wonderful aspect of the county. I visit because it is so different than other parts of the Outer Banks
· I use to live on the Outer Banks, south of Oregon Inlet. What was a lovely peaceful attractive inviorment is becoming more commercialized and distasteful every year. So I moved out in 2003. I visited the last two years and most likely won't come back due to ALL the so call wonderful changes. I do visit friends on the Currituck beachs as well as the area. Please keep things as they are; in the natural. You want to mess up things? Then mess up the Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head area it is already commercial and keep that YOUR commercial area and add all the extras you want.
· I would urge the current commissioners to once and for all say NO to this proposed overlay district and insure the residental nature of our fragile area. With the amount of property platted the same in Carova Beach and the recent closing some platted roads, as was done in Swan Beach, only opens the door for this type of unecessary commercial development. Please remember the impact of such large septic and potable water demands on an area already over developed by todays standards. With no future ability to build sewage trearment plants on barrier strands, the negative impact will be greater than any benefit not to mention the loss of this unique area and community.
· In addition to the safety of the wild horses and the natural beauty of this 4x4 area, someone needs to realize what kind of traffic problems this will cause on the beach itself. The area of Swan Beach suffers from erosion more than other area beaches in the 4x4 area. Where are all of those people that are going to be staying at that 50 room hotel going to park while enjoying the ocean? They're going to park right on the beach at Swan resulting in a log jam and congestion of traffic. It will be a traffic nightmare for people trying to commute up and down the beach.
· The Banks are being destroyed by overgrowth and too much traffic on our beaches as it is. Why would you want to add to that ? Yes I know, the almighty dollar is at the root of all of this and not the good of all the the people who want to perserve this little strip of fragile land. It is just to benefit a few greedy people who do not really care about anything their pocketbooks . That is the only thing they value, what a sad life .
· Please honor the Currituck County Land Use plan, which specifically states that the Northern Outer Banks is NOT an appropriate place for commercial development due to many factors. The land should be preserved for future generations and environmental sustainability.
· The 4-wheel drive area must remain clear of commercial developments. It does not have the infrastructure or access to support this type of development. It would also be detrimental to the well-being and living area of the wild horses. There is adequate and sufficient commercialization in the remainder of the Currituck outer banks.
· The land use plan is self expanatory--no commerical development--how simple is that !!!

· Please help us keep this area from commerical development.

· No commercial development in the 4x4 northern beach area!!!!!
· This land need to be keep free from destruction. It is only one of few wonderful, natural places left.
· i want to be able to drive on the beach .
· if they put this through i believe it will be the beginning of the end of the horses and driving on the beach as we know it now. we do not want pine island all the way to the virginia line
· Please add us to those opposed to this development
· absolutely not
· no way
· The horses of Carova Beach need our protection. Stop the madness, while we still can!!!
· We are adamantly opposed to any such development in the Swan Beach area and the entire 4X4 area. Such development would negatively affect the Swan Beach environment forever.
· Soon to be a propert owner in Carova in approx. two weeks and very opposed to the request.
· This entire area is clearly not able to support ANY commercial development. Any commercial development would be devastating.
· nottill water and sewage are here how are they going to service the property with no road
· No Commercial Development in 4X4 Area EVER!!!
· This is one of the few unique beach areas left in the US. To commercialize or ulter the off -road beaches will ruin the commercial value of the Northern Outer Banks.
· Commissioners we need your support on this one!!!
· Leave it alone. There are already so many big houses there that obstruct the beauty of the area, we don't need or want commercial structures to add to the problem.
· In order to keep the integrity of the northern beaches we must not allow this commercial development.
· I am opposed to commerical development in the 4 wheel drive area of Currituck County Outer Banks. Let's keep some area in its natural state.
· This area should be for nature and wild life only
· I have been coming to Carova for 50 years and am now a resident. I do not want commercial development in the 4-wheel drive area. I love remoteness and the wildlife and that is why most of live here. I fully believe that commercial development would spoil this area. If people want stores hotels etc, they should stay in the paved road area.
· We need to save this beautiful commercialization, please...the area is too beautiful and peaceful to destroy.
· Please keep our beaches free from commercial development of any kind.
· This is a unique area. Don't ruin it.
· I & my husband both oppose any amendment to the UDO that would allow any commercial development in the RO2 area (4 wheel drive area; Corova, North Swan Beach, Swan Beach, Sea Gull. We oppose any rezoning request for an overlay district in any of the mentioned areas located in the RO2 area.
· Allowing the commerical development would be devastating to the wildlife, beautiful beaches and property values. Please vote "NO".
· I vote no to any amendment to the UDO that would allow commercial development in the four wheel drive area.
· I vote no to any amendment to the UDO that would allow commercial development in the four wheel drive area.
· Please keep our beautiful beaches and sound as natural as it can be. When it is gone, there will be no more.
· I am adamantly opposed to having the proposed commercial development in this 4-wheel drive area at this time.
· No need has been made for such an amendment. The amendment will lead to unnecessary and unwarrented development.
· With all of the commercial development south of the four wheel drive area, we do not need to spoil this beautiful area.
· If the beach is commercialized, this would not set our beach apart from others in the country. With commericialization, the beach will begin to deteriorate, what would happen to the wild horses and other wild life that roams freely.
· the interests of residents and property owners are being overridden at every turn by this council. Developers seem to rule Currituck County, not taxpayers.
· Please vote NO to the requested UDO amendment to allow commercial zoning in R02 area. Thank You
· we own a second home in north swan...NOT a rental property....NO commercial
· No Commercial development!!!!!
· We own a second home in The Currituck Club in Corolla, but live in Virginia.
· gerald friedman has ruined the outerbanks enough
· We have opposed this before and will continue to do so. A commercial area is not needed or wanted.
· This is my second petition because I believe I forgot to check the "signature" box on my first petition.
· The 4 wheel drive area must remain as it is ... no commercial development. There are enough commercial areas in Corolla to meet the 4 wheel drive area needs. Residents and visitors chose to live and vacation in the 4 wheel drive area to get away from it all ... not to live and vacation in a "strip mall".
· The four wheel drive area must remain as it is ... no commercial development.
· The wild horses are a HUGE attraction for our visitors. Development would threaten their existence.
· My husband and I had purchased property at Carova Beach to enjoy the beach atmosphere in a rural enviornment. We especially enjoy seeing the horses roam around the properties.
· We would like to know where each of the candidates for the BOC stands on this important topic. We would like to see them express their stands in writing through the CCC. Thank you.
· Please leave one tiny section of the Currituck beaches free from commercial ugliness and destruction! Please leave one bit pristine and beautiful and serene. Thank you!
· No developement in last natural area in Outer Banks !
· Enough is enough with development.
· The proposed UDO amendment only serves the greed of a developer not the interest of the Northern Beaches (4X4 area ) its enviroment & plant & wildlife & yes the wild mustangs. As voters, full-time residents & tax payers we vote no to any amendment to the UDO as it stands. We elect you to Office to represent us not the developers.
· I'd also like to increase the size of the herd of horses.
· If I would have wanted to live in Corolla, I would have purchased land and built my home there! Permit System should be mandatory and is necessary for 2010. The beach was almost impassible this summer (2008) due to tourist.
· I am strong opposed to the planned commercial development in this area.
· I have been frequenting Carova Beach for 25 years and am VERY OPPOSED to any commercial zoning in Currituck County.
· No commercial zoning or development
· ANY commercialization of these northern beaches (in an already and increasingly over-commercialized Outer Banks) is unacceptable. Leave it the way Nature made it!!!
· i believe swan beach should remain a residential area
· We vacation several times a year and would hate to see this happen.
· My home in North Swan is a second home NOT rental property.....hopefully it will be our permanent retirement home soon
· We would appreciate the board of commissioners to not vote no in the above request as well to declare this "dead" or expired so that this no longer becomes an issue between the residents and taxpayers and the board.

· Please--no commercial north of the old Winks store in Carolla.
· We are hoping to move to Corolla or Duck as soon as we sell our house in Chicago. This might take awhile! But we love the area and especially the horses. There are hardly any other places in this country with the treasure that you have. Why spoil it to make it look like every other dumpy place in America? How many strip malls does one need!
· all the facilities that have been proposed can be found on other portions of our island. this is one sanctuary that takes us away from those facilities and brings us back to the true outer banks.
· Please save the horses! Haven't we destroyed the natural lands enough???
· As a tourist to the area; I enjoy that the herd has its own space on the island and I would like for it to remain that way. I know that my enjoyment of the land is enhanced by their being there in their natural environment and would prefer to return to the area more often if they were to remain.
· My parents are residents of northern Currituck County and I have been visiting them for many summers. It absolutely sickens me to think of what could happen as a result of commercial development in the four wheel drive area. Not to mention the peace and serenity that will forever be destroyed for residents and property owners, but imagine what this would do to the livelihood, the safety and the freedom of the wild horses. My parents moved to the northern outer banks to get away from the well-developed areas in Nagshead and Kill Devil Hills. Turning the northern outer banks into a circus with paved roads and hotels will destroy their dreams of retiring in peace and serenity. Please accept my signature and my request to uphold the current land use plan that restricts commercial development in the four wheel drive area.
· It is important to preserve this area for future generations; we don't want our children thinking horses are only in zoos!
· we are homeowners in northern dare and love to visit this unspoiled paradise, within limits! PLEASE don't let happen there what has happened elsewhere in the northern banks!
· Please save the outer banks. Thank you.
· Thank you for saving this american natural wonder for generations to come
· Allowing commercial development in this area of the outer banks of North Carolina should not be allowed. There is plenty of commercial development in the other areas of the Outer Banks that is more than sufficient for the area. If this is allowed, the Outer Banks will become just another beach town that is overdeveloped and way too crowded.
· As a 32 year resident of Dare County, I have often enjoyed the only get away that is left on this beach. It would be a travisty to see this development be allowed to move forward.
· Please leave as it is now, does not need any glorified enterprises/industry there.
· I cannot believe that someone wants to commercialize swan beach.Im a resident of kdh an with what has happened to our south beaches orv plan carova is our only non commercial beach an needs to stay that way!For the protection of our enviroment an our wild horses an the residents that live year round.To be on the beach an watch the horses roam is like nothing else in the world.We have ample of commercial development in corolla an thats enough.I've been coming corova since i was a little girl by boat or by driving .When we would drive there was no houses commercial buildings now look at it now!We do not want that to happen to corova.Im now 49 an just spent last weekend in paradice please save corova and our horses!Sincerely,DorothyEdwards
· It amazes me to what extend greed reaches. The love for this land and our country by knowing it is sacred must one again be at the forefront of our decisions and not money!!!!!
· You have got to be kidding. Of course, Land use Plans are made to be ignored, didn't you know?You're going to rezone the last pristine stretch of its kind on the east coast. Somebody is greasing some palms on this one. Vote them out!!
· If you have been to the Outer Banks and had the pleasure of seeing this continent as close to the way it was prior to our "invasion", you would keep eckerds, food lion et all where they belong! on the paved roads. Please save somthing of our heritage for future generations.
· Commercial development takes away natural habitat ~ it can never be replaced after destruction. Please regard the beaches as they are without purpose change. The Outer Banks are slowly leaving us anyway because of errosion, let's enjoy nature while it's here! Leave it be for those of us who want peace and quiet in an ever changing world of commerce.
· Although I don't own, my husband and I use my parents home in Carova 2 weeks every summer and almost every weekend in between. I've been enjoying this stretch of beautiful beach since 1972 and would hate to see it tainted with commercial development. Let's keep the beach as it is so everyone can enjoy it's relaxing, peaceful atmosphere for many years to come! Kelley Oubre
· My daughter lives on the Outer Banks and we spend lots of time there. We love the horses and do not want to see them chased away. Where will the next generation have to see beautiful wild horses if we keep building and do not leave any land for them to roam.
· What will happen tot eh wild horses inthe area. I can remeber as a child being taught the story of how the horse came to be ont he island. Will we give up that part of our living history? The motivation here is simple greed. At some point we must say no to those who's motiviation is money. Let that point be now.
· I love the norther "off-road" beaches the way they are. Its what makes it so special and its the only reason my family and I visit each year.
· Please vote NO. Once it is changed, you can't change your mind.
· We have visited the area for summer vacation. Please don't spoil this place!
· I vote no
· If people are allowed to bring a commerical aspect into the area, it will my opinion that the idiots will continue to bring nothing but problems to a place that we should be defending, not commericializing.
· Some areas need to be left with minimal development. This is one of them.
· Please don't do this to the last remaining stretch of pure land in NC. Don't take the last remaining piece of land the horses can live on in safety
· We are long-term vistors to the four wheel drive area, and we are property owners in Corolla.
· Keep the beauty just the way it is. The horses deserve to have at least what they have left to roam free.
· Rezoning this land would be damaging to the natural enviroment and take away from the appeal to even visit such a beautiful and natural place, not to mention the fact the reason why people visit: to see the wildlife and horses! By rezoning would defeat the purpose to even visit these areas verses other areas...
· My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a lot in Swan Beach. We are certainly opposed to such a proposal.
· Friend of many home owners in the Carova area go down all year round potential home owner of Carova in the next year.
· this a natural 4 whhel drive access with wild horses and open spaces that need to remain that way no room for hotel and more people
· i cant believe that anybody in their right mind would conceive such an idea. it all about the all might dollar! the people who destroy these areas have no interest what so ever in the long term. greed is all that is on their mind. i would be willing to lay down in protest to stop such ddeevelopement! wake up people. i can almost guarantee that the money is not local. my guess is that it goes much farther "north", if you get my drift. please stand firm. dont buy into the lies!
· The last thing OBX needs is additional tourism construction. There are too many empty bldgs now. Building on such a pristine area, especially near the horses is not just mercenary and unnecessary, it's frankly immoral.
· please don ot commercialize the four wheel drive area there are enough stores and junks shop just ashort drive from the beach. The wild life in the area are already binging pushhed by the constant building of new homes.
· Please do not allow any more development. The northern beaches are already loosing their beuty and wildlife to rental homes and tourists that do not respect our beaches.
· Commercial development will not only destroy the wildlife of this fragile area, but continue to degrage the water quality of the surrounding area with pollutants from the anticipated stormwater runoff. Let's not trade our fewer remaining areas of untouched environment for more commercial blight and pollution.
· My family owns property in Corova Beach. I have enjoyed the area for the last fifty years. (All my life) This is one of the few areas left without commercial development. There are plenty of lots for sale. If someone wants to enjoy the area, they should buy or rent property and not try to change it. People seem to want to rent property for vacations because of the unique area. Why make it commercial like thousands of other vacation areas.
· I lived in Carova from the time I was 3 until I turned 18. My family is one of the original families who still live in Carova. (Parents and Brother/Sister N law) I have seen a lot of changes in my life that have happened to Carova and this is definitely not one that we/I want to see.
· The reason we visit on North Swan Beach is because it is so beautifully pristine and non-commercial. We would not visit if it were commercialized.
· stop the development
· why fill an area with what we try to get away from?
· The thought of commercial development is unconscionable. The area for the horses is restricted enough. If anything, the crazy drivers on the beach should be fined and forbidden from access in the future. The horses are afraid of all the cars anyway. They do not come out as freely as they otherwise would. I am a horse owner and have a deep appreciation for them and their beauty. Keep this as natural a habit for them as possible. That is why many of us come Currituck. No horses, no visitors.
· I was a regular in the Outer Banks until development overtook the area. We only came back when we got a 4-wheel drive to stay in the pristine areas that are less populated. If commercial zoning is approved, you'll lose our money & likely many others' money as well.
· We visit and vacation may times a year and would hate to see this happen. Its the whole reason we go there.
· You have already pushed the wild horse back and given them a smaller area to survive. Commercial zoning would be detrimental to them. Preserve the area as much as possible. With more and more people renting in there is bad enough but the ones who live there year around, are the ones who will suffer along with the wild life!
· My family, friends and I have been vacationing in the Outer Banks for generations. Do not commericalize these off roading areas, STOP COMMERICALIZING PERIOD! The Outer Banks are beginning to loose that rural charm. Now I do understand commerce growth and development but we are taking this to a new level. Stop before you turn the Outer Banks into a concrete jungle like Virgina Beach, Ocean City MD...or dare I even say it... Atlantic City NJ
· That land should remain like it is
· It would be a shame to ruin such a beautiful, natural area by allowing commercial zoning. There are few places like this left we should do everything we can to protect it.
· I will no longer visit the OBX area if roads are installed/built in the Carova Beach or Swan Beach area. This remote area is part of the appeal and beauty of OBX and will be ruined it this is allowed to happen.
· Business does not need to be absolutely everywhere...preserve some tranquil spaces for humans and animals to connect and enjoy free from the commercial aspects of life!
· I am a former resident of Currituck and work in the vacation rental field. This could be one of the more foolish amendments yet. Not only will it destroy the beauty and uniqueness of the area, it will have a negative overall effect. The result is to make the north beach area just another spot on the outerbanks that is more inconvient to reach.
· 4 wheel drive area should not be built up but preserved for the wildlife and solitude if offers for many. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place.
· While I am not a current resident of the area, I have family and friends that are. Let this area stay beautiful. Commercial businesses will only take away the freedom of the horses.
· The main reason we come to Carova is to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach, without the rumble of a highway over the next dune. Where you can still see the horses and other wild life moving about freely. Keep the beaches clutter-free!
· This is a horrible idea. Please do not allow this to happen!!!
· The character of this precious area is its greatest attraction. Commercial development is out of place and unnecessary. People benefit from a respite from such services. Patricia Gale
· It would ruin everything about the beach to change anything....
· Please protect this beautiful area and don't let it become another line of fast food shops and 7 11s
· I have been going to Carova Beach for over 20 years and would hate to see it developed. The attraction of the area is the fact that it is not developed and the wild horses that would be affected by the development. Please don't ruin the beach atmosphere there.
· Please keep the beach as remote as possible. It is one of the last beauties in North Carolina. Truly for nature lovers not for 7-elevens


Kim Hadrava said...

Below are their own plocies from the Currituck County Land Use Plan:

County shall not permit or encourage the provision of growth-inducing facilities and services to
these areas, including for example, commercial services, centralized sewage treatment and hard
surface roads.

compromise the environmental integrity of wildlife refuges, the estuarine research reserve, other
ecologically sensitive areas, or habitat for wild horses. Structures or other man-made
improvements not specifically serving the public interest shall not be permitted to block vehicular
access along the beach.

POLICY OB8: In order to protect WILD HORSES, Currituck County shall not permit nor
encourage the provision of hard surface roads in the off-road area of Carova.

should be located as far west as possible. Structures should not be built forward of protective
dunes, thereby impeding dune recovery. County minimum setbacks may exceed CAMA
minimum setbacks in ocean erodible areas.

kim hadrava said...

Link is current agenda for November 17th meeting